The earthquake, however, must be to every one a most impressive event: the earth, considered from our earliest childhood as the type of solidity, has oscillated like a thin crust beneath our feet; and in seeing the labored works of man in a moment overthrown, we feel the insignificance of his boasted power. – Charles Darwin

Humanity’s efforts have been damaged or destroyed by earthquakes for as long as we have been building structures. However, ingenuity and determination (along with a lot of science & math) have helped modern societies develop earthquake-resistant structures. Two primary goals when designing such structures is to minimize the loss of life (by preventing collapse) and minimizing the loss of functionality within the building.

The techniques applied to the earthquake-resistant design of a structure can vary greatly and can include:

  • Using bendable/lightweight materials
  • Structural dampers (shock absorbers)
  • Base isolators (via bearings or cushions)
  • Shear walls (braced panels that counter lateral loads)

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