Burj Khalifa. There’s Tall, and Then There’s TALL!

Peter Ellis revolutionized the world when he created Liverpool’s Oriel Chambers (1864), the first building to utilize an iron frame and glass “curtain walls”. This served as the genesis for the world’s first true skyscraper, Chicago’s 138 ft. tall Home Insurance Building (1885). It’s steel frame allowed for superior load-bearing capabilities while advancements in materials like concrete and glass allowed for more flexible construction techniques and applications. Such methodology became the default construction “recipe” for all skyscrapers since, including the world’s tallest…

The colossal 2717 ft. tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE.

Utterly dwarfing the 1250 ft. tall Empire State Building by almost a 2:1 margin and holding no less than seven world records, including: tallest building, tallest freestanding structure, highest number of stories, and highest outdoor observation deck, the Burj Khalifa is a triumphant testament to human design, engineering, and construction that stands above all until someone goes higher!

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*image from Getty