As world industries continue to grow and evolve, so too must the construction industry. In order to keep up with demand and global needs, new innovations and technologies are necessary. We’re seeing some important trends so far in 2018:

Hiring Initiatives

As the aging workforce continues to move into retirement, the construction industry is becoming desperate for workers. Construction work can make a rewarding career for the right individuals, so industry groups are trying to increase awareness and funding for trade school, high school, and middle school trade education programs to help create a construction industry labor pipeline for the future. These initiatives also involve combating the stigma that construction work isn’t a successful career path.


Technological advancements are making their mark on the construction industry. Wearable technology is rising in popularity for its ability to communicate instructions as well as track workers in the event of an accident. Drones are another recent addition to construction sites due to their time-saving and cost-effective abilities like site surveying. 3D printing is also becoming more popular; the technology still has some obstacles (cost and time) to overcome, but it has the potential to be extremely effective in the future. As these technological advancements continue, machines will be able to tackle jobs that are more dangerous for people, which should improve workplace safety and reduce injuries due to accidents and strain.

Smart Construction

Quality building materials last longer and are more efficient and environmentally-friendly than cheaper alternatives. In combination with streamlining the construction process to ensure efficient use of time and labor, green technologies like solar, wind, etc. become more accessible. Efforts to reach the Paris Climate Agreement have made zero and near-zero energy buildings a priority as well. We’re seeing more extreme weather patterns, including hurricanes, heat waves, flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, and more, so the construction industry is beginning to focus more on resiliency to accommodate for these hazards.

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