Drones are becoming increasingly useful within the construction industry.

With approximately a million catalogued species on Earth, insects come in all manner of shape, size, and function. To that end, the global obsession with drones has led to the creation of some very unique, specialized varieties.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time until the construction industry discovered ways to utilize these clever drone contraptions. Here are some of their increasingly popular uses:

    • Land surveying: Drones provide clear views of landscapes and terrain, making surveying more efficient and economical.
    • Site and safety inspection: Capable of flying into areas that people may not be able to safely access, drones keep workers safe and provide ‘eyes’ to inspectors.
    • Marketing and promotion production: Drone footage is becoming an increasingly popular way to generate interest in a project. One look at the video below and you’ll instantly understand why.

Indeed, as both software and hardware development continues, a drone’s usefulness will only increase further!

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image from: https://aibotix.com/