Drones in the Construction Industry

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To the layman, drones may seem like the newest entertainment indulgence for kids or a novel way to expand your photography hobby. However, due to unparalleled surveillance capability, drone use has exploded in the construction industry with a trending growth of over 200% per year, as reported by DroneDeploy. The uses of drone technology in construction are numerous, varied, and continuing to expand, from aerial land surveying to safety monitoring and data collection.

Land Surveying and Mapping

Drones are capable of mapping vast expanses of land more quickly, efficiently, and economically than traditional methods. While useful, standard topographical maps can become quickly outdated. Drones provide information in real-time with the added advantage of producing high-resolution images capable of being manipulated into 3D models. From producing rapid information on the terrain’s suitability to identifying possible project challenges, drones are invaluable in making sure a project stays within budget and on schedule.

Project Surveillance

Drones enable contractors and building managers to quickly and easily keep tabs on every aspect of their project and stay apprised of every aspect of site activity and progress. This data can instantly be put to use to avoid costly problems that can affect the completion of the project.

Safety and Security

A major benefit of drone use on construction sites is the sharp increase in worker safety by providing visual data of potential work hazards, which can then be remedied. In many cases, drones record necessary data in situations where manual collection of information would place construction workers in dangerous or risky situations that could result in a fall.

Drones are unmatched in their ability to provide security surveillance. Many construction companies have begun implementing a 24-hour drone surveillance program to identify unauthorized personnel and protect the project and expensive equipment from vandalism and theft.


Communication is a key element in any project. Drone technology now provides instant, visual, and continuous connectivity among managers, construction workers, engineers, and design teams. In addition, drones are instrumental in improving client co munication by offering impressive aerial views of the project’s progress.

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