400 ppm

Sadly, this number doesn’t refer to a famous, albeit doomed, Spartan army unit with 33.3% more warriors. Rather, it refers to something even more daunting than anyone living in the ancient world could conceivably comprehend… It represents the amount of global carbon dioxide in parts per million (ppm) present in our atmosphere as measured at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory this year.

Indeed, 400 ppm may not seem like much considering that when Charles Keeling began taking measurements in 1958 the number was 315 ppm. A difference of 85 ppm over the course of almost 60 years shouldn’t impact us much considering CO2 only comprises about 0.04% of our atmosphere. It’s like adding a few drops of water to a full bathtub, right?

Not quite.

While the underlying reasons behind the increases exceeds the focus of this post, one thing is certain… Our approaches to construction, transportation, and our actions in general need an overhaul.

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