With a large focus on renewable resources, minimizing the carbon footprint and other environmental concerns, we thought it would be interesting to explore ideas that children can research or do projects on. You are never too young to engage in learning to help the planet.

Some project ideas for kids to have fun and learn more about important environmental components:

  • Energy Conservation – kids can learn about energy, why it needs to be conserved and research ways they can conserve more energy.
  • Organic Garden – create your own organic garden with compost.
  • Soil quality – Soil needs certain elements to sustain plant growth. Kids can determine the quality of the soil in their yard.
  • Greenhouse effect – kids can explore how a greenhouse works, with a simple Greenhouse in a jar experiment.
  • Air Quality – learn a simple test to check the air quality around your home.
  • Habitat Model – study how animals and plants adapt. This project is especially beneficial to help kids learn the impact of changes to the environment and to see how plants and animal adapt or how they die off, if they are unable to adapt.
  • Recycling – help kids understand the importance of recycling and let them discover ways to reuse and repurpose items as part of a recycling initiative.
  • Water Purification – kids can learn how to make a water filter from sand.
  • Rainwater Harvesting – kids can learn the importance and value of rainwater harvesting and then implement their own system at school or at home.
  • Pollution – have kids research the causes of pollution and then have them brainstorm solutions to cut pollution.
  • Renewable Energy – have kids define renewable energy and then list all the sources they can think of. They can turn cards of renewable energy sources into a memory game.

There is a lot kids can learn and even invent as they explore these important topics. Science experience are educational and fun. There is no limit to a child’s imagination. Nurture it now – these kids are the future of our planet.