The Lovell House… Truly Ahead of its Time!

Upon first approaching the (deceptively) simple looking structure built into the side of a cliff in Los Feliz, it looks like any number of buildings constructed after 1980. Its steel frame, concrete walls, and casement windows could easily pass for any random professional building dotting the modern landscape… But this one’s different.architect-Richard-Neutra

First, it’s not a professional building. It was built in 1929 as a private residence for Dr. Phillip Lovell and his family; henceforth known as the Lovell House. Designed by architect Richard Neutra, it represents an early example of the International Style design language. Furthermore Lovell House stands out as one of the most important homes of the 20th century because it was the first steel frame house built in the United States. This method of construction is typically reserved for skyscrapers, but Neutra learned the necessary techniques while working with the firm Holabird & Roche in Chicago.

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photo: photo © Penn State University Libraries Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library | CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr