‘Going Goth’ is Helping Buildings Become Stronger and Lighter

Gothic architecture has long been defined by the churches and cathedrals created during this changeful period in human history. While distinct details define this style, its many revolutionary building techniques are being reexamined today.

After researching the construction of historic Gothic structures, the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich in Switzerland discovered that the Roman-origin building technique uses subtle arches to span spaces while flying buttresses serve as reinforcements for the exterior walls of many structures.

Since construction techniques used in the Gothic era differ greatly relative to techniques utilized today, researchers at ETH propose creating flooring similar to those used in the Gothic era. Something resembling a honeycomb pattern of solid areas with voids would allow the flooring to be poured without requiring additional reinforcements.

The Gothic-based honeycomb method is 70% lighter than modern equivalents, all the while saving space, being environmentally-friendly, and proving more cost effective.

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picture: http://www.skyscrapercity.com