Parks bring people together, not only with each other, but also with nature. That’s why they’re an essential aspect of any successful city design. Cities are growing, and it’s becoming more and more important to ensure that citizens have access to natural, green spaces. Urban parks can provide exactly that!

So, how can cities create the best urban parks possible?

Design for People

At the end of the day, parks are for people, so design them with that in mind! Design a space that will complement people’s daily rhythms; make sure to consider seating, foot traffic, and bicycle routes. Parks should be beautiful too: trees, flowers, water features, and more can provide an idyllic getaway in the midst of busy city life.

Create a Place

Urban parks shouldn’t just be about design; they should be about creating a setting for people to enjoy, and a place that instills a sense of community. What will people do in the park? What kinds of activities can it support? What kinds of interactions will happen here? What are people looking for when they’re coming to the park? Who is coming to enjoy it? Make sure that your park includes elements of fun and functionality so it’s accessible to everyone.

Include Architecture

The ideal park seamlessly incorporates both architecture and natural elements into its design. People use parks as a place to escape for a while and have fun, so choose architectural features that can accommodate that. Picnic areas, shelters, gazebos, and seating can all help create a great space for people to hang out. Don’t forget basic needs such as bathrooms and garbage cans as well!

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