It’s time for cities to take their climate roles seriously.

In fact, many cities around the world are implementing 100% renewable energy, and there’s no better time for the rest to get on board. More than 40 cities worldwide have taken up the challenge to get all of their energy from renewable, sustainable sources, and many more have committed to future plans.

Let’s take a look at some renewable energy technologies that are leading the way.

Solar Power

Sunlight touches every city, and that’s what makes it a formidable renewable energy option. There are so many ways to deploy solar technologies; it’s no longer only available for roofs. In fact, transparent solar panels can capture sunlight from windows as well, which can allow buildings to generate even more solar energy than before. Solar power is on the rise, and cities can begin by setting goals and leading by example to boost the solar market. Installing solar on public buildings is a good place to start!

Wind Power

Wind power is cost-effective; land-based wind power is one of the lowest-priced energy sources available. Clean, renewable, and domestic, wind is a ideal energy alternative for cities. Traditionally, cities collect wind energy from turbines, and many sites can coexist with farm or ranch land. More recently, scientists have optimized wind turbines for cities so that builders can incorporate them into buildings to help supply urban energy.


Hydropower is electricity that moving water generates. In fact, among the successfully sustainable cities, hydropower is the most common source of energy. Hydropower is consistent, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible. However, hydropower also comes with a set of environmental concerns; while it is preferable to fossil fuels, planning is essential to ensure that hydropower is truly sustainable.

The more each city does individually, the better the combined environmental result will be. Who’s ready to get started?

At CREED LA our mission is to ensure that the construction industry in Los Angeles has a highly trained and professionalized workforce that supports projects that have positive impacts for the community. Environmental sustainability is an essential part of that goal, and renewable energy is one of the best places to start. To learn more about our mission, contact us online or by calling 877-810-7473.