As our population grows, our cities rise to meet the growing needs of more and more people. Cities need urban planning and construction services to grow, which in turn creates jobs in those fields. What’s more, a well-designed city provides access to amenities, housing, and transport which in turn provide opportunities for those living there.

City Growth and Housing

With an ever-growing population, there is always a need for housing. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that building a single-family home generates 2.97 full-time jobs, especially for construction workers. However, houses can’t just go up wherever people please; in order to create cohesive neighborhoods and communities, urban planners are required. A diversified housing approach is ideal to create opportunities for lower, median, and high-income families alike, and housing that provides proximity to workplaces should be considered.


The infrastructure of a city is directly related to its accessibility. Transportation is a valuable asset, and investing in urban planning and construction of transportation assets not only creates jobs, but also improves people’s access to jobs and opportunities within the city. Investing in roads, bridges, and other public works is a cost-effective way to create jobs: according to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, one billion dollars spent on public works created 19,975 jobs.

Planning for the Future

The world is changing, and we have to be ready to change with it. Around the world, urban planning and construction will have to plan for changes related to climate change, severe weather, and the rapid urbanization of the planet. As people move and cities expand, cities will need to accommodate and provide access to the amenities that they need, including (but not limited to) jobs, transit, schools, and retail. Cities are expanding and changing in response to the need for greener infrastructure and a growing population, and these needs create job opportunities for people in many fields.

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