The Leaning  Millenium Tower

Rated one of the “Top 10 Residential Buildings in the World” by Worth Magazine, the stunning, blue-gray glass Millennium Tower in the Yerba Buena section of San Francisco nicely compliments an already stunning skyline at 58 stories. Serving as both the tallest residential building -and the fourth tallest structure overall in the city- the Millennium Tower is indeed the stuff of dreams for those fortunate enough to afford to live there.

Unfortunately, the dream has become a nightmare… one where that sinking feeling has segued into harsh reality since this 645’ Handel Architects-designed structure has descended approximately 16 inches (as of November 2016) into the soft soils & sands upon which it was placed. Already built on reclaimed land, the decision to forego anchoring the tower into more stable bedrock was done as a cost-cutting measure that has created a myriad of legal battles that may prove to be as costly as its remediation.

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