Age-friendly communities can help an ageing population live easier and more confidently

Human population experts predict that by 2050, approximately 22% of the global population will be at least 60 years old. In response to this, a new initiative being introduced by the World Health Organization (WHO), and supported in the U.S. by the AARP, is helping certain communities around the world (and right here at home) become age-friendly communities… As a matter of fact, the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County joined the AARP’s list in May of 2016!

Age-friendly communities provide residents of all ages with safe, accessible road and transportation networks, barrier-free access to buildings and houses, and improvements to parks and other types of recreational facilities. In particular, these accommodations enable older citizens to maintain their independence for longer periods of time, thereby benefitting their social, emotional, and physical health. This is accomplished through the modification or redevelopment of existing natural and man-made environments within the community.

The Coalition for Responsible Equitable Economic Development (CREED LA) proudly supports environmentally-responsible construction projects throughout Los Angeles that not only have a positive impact on the local community, but support LA’s working families as well.

CREED LA fights to ensure that developers pay fair wages to all the hard working construction professionals throughout the industry while simultaneously providing them with quality health care, continued training, and trustworthy retirement plans.

To learn more about how our non-profit organization supports those building a better, greener world for us all, contact CREED LA at (877) 810-7473.