Between architects, engineers, and construction companies (AEC), the process of erecting a building is filled with opportunities for miscommunication, mismeasuring, and misfortune. Luckily for those in the field of construction, technology has now caught up to meet their needs with one incredibly useful tool: BIM.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an exciting opportunity for AEC businesses across the globe that are planning new construction projects. The goal of BIM is to take data from architects and engineers and produce a thorough representation of the structure that will be referenced throughout the development process.

Benefits of BIM

While physical blueprints are always vulnerable to human error and miscommunication between architect and building crews, BIM provides a 3D model that provides an in-depth analysis of the structure’s functionality, as well as constant contact between all parties involved in its development. If any user changes the designs to better fit their needs, the changes are also applied to all views for all parties.

BIM isn’t just useful as a producer of structure models and project plans, it also delivers key information for ongoing maintenance of the building. Maintenance data displayed by BIM includes heatmaps for tracking energy distribution in buildings as well as areas of high pressure where future repairs may be needed.


Computer Aided Design (CAD) does work when drafting basic home structures, but is incredibly limited due to its lack of parameters. BIM possesses a vast catalogue of supplies and building materials, creating a true-to-life depiction of your project and presenting the practical effect of your choices and plans. Unlike CAD, BIM is also used for civil and road engineering as well as urban infrastructure design.

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