Many things have changed since Thomas Edison popularized the light bulb in the late 1800s. Whether for survival or comfort, our society relies heavily on electricity, and energy storage has become one of the most important technologies we have today. As we move toward a sustainable world, energy storage significantly contributes to set the foundation for cleaner and more renewable energy sources.

Helping the Environment

A few years ago, California set a goal to have 33 percent renewable energy by 2020. One of the strategies used to achieve that goal is through an increase in the use of energy storage technologies for solar power. The objective is to make the current grid system less harmful for the environment and more cost-effective. Because the grid system is oversized to serve demand peaks, part of the capacity is wasted during other moments of the day, but energy storage technologies can help fix this problem.

Economic Impact

Environmental awareness is not the only reason that energy storage is a hot topic now, though. Investing in this type of technology may open the possibility for restructuring power markets to make more efficient use of electricity while lowering costs related to peak energy demand. The decreasing cost of battery storage is considered one of the factors responsible for the growth of electric vehicles—and it should have a positive impact on other industries, too. Fortunately, it won’t take too long to see the benefits of all these energy storage trends. 

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