Before Planes, Before Trains, there was … the Erie Canal

Connoisseurs of civil engineering projects often credit the Panama Canal as mankind’s pivotal triumph over nature. Yet, an equally ambitious project predated it by almost a century and was done without the aid of gargantuan digging machines. The Erie Canal was commissioned by New York State as a way to help our rapidly expanding nation transport products west of the Appalachian Mountains by connecting Lake Erie with the Hudson River, about 363 miles away.

On July 4, 1817 digging began and continued for eight years, finally opening on October 26, 1825. During that time, 83 locks were constructed to help the 40’ wide, 4’ deep canal cope with 565’ of elevation change along its route. This was aided by 18 aqueducts, some of which passed over rivers & deep ravines… So impressive was this engineering feat at the time that many considered it the Eighth Wonder of the World.

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