“Cementing” Our Place in History

Of all the advancements discovered or created that culminated in the formation of modern society as we know it today, concrete has to be near the top of the list. Concrete is a durable, highly versatile, and cost-effective building material that is available in a variety of types, each featuring its own unique set of properties based on factors such as strength required and the environment in which the cured product will be located.

With roots dating back to the time of the ancient Egyptians approximately 5000 years ago, this seemingly simple mixture of broken stone (or gravel), sand, cement, and water helped transform the world as we know it. Upon the emergence of portland cement back in 1824, mankind’s ability to utilize this material in an endless number of ways enabled roads, bridges, and buildings to be built to specifications that would impress the architects responsible for the Pyramids of Giza!

The Coalition for Responsible Equitable Economic Development (CREED LA) proudly supports environmentally-responsible construction projects throughout Los Angeles that not only have a positive impact on the local community, but support LA’s working families as well.

CREED LA fights to ensure that developers pay fair wages to all the hard working construction professionals throughout the industry while simultaneously providing them with quality health care, continued training, and trustworthy retirement plans. To learn more about how our non-profit organization supports those building a better, greener world for us all, contact CREED LA at (877) 810-7473.