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The Tiny Home Craze Is Hugely Popular In The U.S

June 8th, 2017 Posted by Architecture, Environmental News No Comment yet

Livin’ Small. The Tiny House Craze.

Consider the following… The average American home is almost 2400 ft2 in size.

However, the tiny home craze that took the U.S. by storm during the height of the Great Recession remains as popular as ever despite the vastly improved economic climate.

How can a 240 square foot home be compete?

For many individuals, the desire to downsize to a home 1/10 the size of the typical American dwelling is more about the personal and financial freedoms such a lifestyle change affords versus being tied to a mortgage for a third of one’s life. For others, it’s about the ability to simplify and disengage from an increasingly materialistic world to one where such constraints and competitiveness no longer matters.

Zoning laws are perhaps the biggest obstacle preventing just about anyone from embracing the ability to embrace a tiny home. Yet, the seemingly endless design and packaging options available mean the phenomena won’t disappear anytime soon!

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*tiny house photo from: https://smallhousecatalog.com/


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