Accidents involving falls, scaffolding, and ladders account for a significant number of fatalities in construction sites. Although these accidents are very concerning, most of them are preventable if employers and workers follow basic safety measures.

Fall prevention

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls are the leading cause of death in construction: 370 fatal falls were registered in 2016. Employers must implement effective strategies to prevent falls and protect workers. They’re also required to provide fall protection equipment and systems such as guardrails. This equipment needs to be inspected regularly by an experienced professional to ensure it’s in good condition. If you’re a worker, you can refuse to work on a construction site if it doesn’t have safety measures set in place.

Scaffolding Hazards

Scaffolds are another main cause of death on construction sites. These temporary work platforms are commonly used by engineers, erectors, and dismantlers among many other professionals. OSHA requires employers to train workers that use scaffolds to ensure they can identify hazards and take corrective measures. For more information, see the OSHA general requirements.

Ladder Safety

While extension ladders are commonly used in construction sites, they might pose a risk for workers if you don’t follow best practices. The first step to ensure the safe use of extension ladders is planning ahead to get the job done safely. This includes assigning someone to inspect your equipment, set up the ladder at the proper angle, and secure it to prevent movement. OSHA recommends that workers maintain a 3-point contact when climbing or descending a ladder to control balance easier. Don’t place a ladder on unstable bases like boxes and barrels—it might tip over and cause a serious injury.

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