When it comes to architecture and city planning, trends and styles are always changing to suit the tastes of society. In a time where companies are becoming more aware of the needs of the environment, architects are taking up the challenge to create a greener and more sustainable world.

Here are the top 3 trends that are set to dominate architecture in 2019.

#1 Making Cities Pedestrian-Friendly

The carbon footprint of automobiles is a well-known environmental danger, and while some manufacturers are trying to create cars that are purely electric, architects and city planners are trying to remove the need for cars entirely.

Pedestrian-friendly cities exist all across the globe, with cities like Copenhagen and Dubrovnik even mandating that their populations move away from automobiles. These cities inspire many American architects, who are redesigning cities like Seattle, WA and Alpharetta, GA, to discard their cars and embrace a more active lifestyle.

#2 Including Cutting Edge and Energy-Friendly Technology

Climate change and sustainable energy are concerning us all, but governments, architects, and scientists are working together to create better solutions.

New buildings, such as the Tower at PNC Plaza in Pittsburgh, are being constructed with renewable energies and innovative materials in mind, greatly offsetting their carbon footprint and inspiring designers all across the country.

Construction companies are seeing how valuable a “platinum” certification from the LEED program can be, motivating the construction of more of these sustainable structures in the near future.

#3 Making Buildings Future-Proof

For modern architects, it isn’t enough to simply solve today’s problems. They need to prepare cities for the concerns of tomorrow as well. Factors like demographic shifts and environmental changes are constantly being considered by designers, with the aging U.S. population leading to an improvement in the accessibility of homes.

In the past, buildings that focused too much on style over substance are now being mocked by experts for their inflexibility. Construction companies must now look to strike a practical balance between the two.

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