waste-to-energy power generation

Another Man’s Trash…Waste-to-Energy power generation reduces landfill volume while providing electricity for the facility and the surrounding community

Once upon a time, almost everyone burned common household waste or leaf & grass matter in metal drums or dirt pits in their yards. Federal and state clean air legislation saw to it that this practice was banned in most parts of the country as a necessary step in improving nationwide air quality. Today, many municipal landfills are rapidly filling up around the country, leading to the development of more modern and tightly regulated ways of burning garbage that would allow it to possess a usefulness heretofore underutilized.

Called Waste-to-Energy power generation (WtE), this form of incineration utilizes trash as the fuel for generating power. Burning garbage boils water into high-pressure steam that spins turbines connected to generators to create electricity for both the facility and the surrounding community. WtE facilities reduce local landfill volume by up to 90% while preventing the release of one ton of CO2 for each ton of garbage burned.

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