When it comes to sustainability and urban planning, not everyone understands the importance of caring for urban forests. However, they play a major role in improving people’s physical and mental health as well as bringing many other benefits to cities. 

What Is An Urban Forest?

Urban forests are a collection of trees that share the same space as cities, towns, and suburbs. Examples of urban green-spaces and ecosystems include parks, wetlands, river corridors, and street trees. Sometimes the trees that form an urban forest grow from remnants of past forests, but they can also be planted and cared by city planners. In fact, the demand for urban green-space professionals is growing fast because people are more conscious of the environment.

Benefits Of Urban Forests

Several studies have found that urban forests can provide many benefits that are not strictly related to environmental issues. While it’s true that trees can reduce flood risk and purify the air of urban centers, they can also lower stress and boost happiness. Green spaces are an excellent way to promote a healthier lifestyle because they encourage people to go outside and walk more often. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that there’s an economic benefit, too: Trees can cool cities and lower heating energy use, which leads to savings on energy bills.   

The Importance Of Being Environmentally Conscious

It’s hard to protect urban forests without the support of the population that lives in the same region. When people forget the importance of promoting environmental consciousness, governments turn a blind eye to unsustainable practices such as when construction companies decide to kill trees to create parking lots, and erect tall buildings without carrying out an environmental impact assessment. It doesn’t end well for the environment.

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