Stormwater Management Projects

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s immortal song has had its meaning interpreted a number of different ways over the years, but it can be said with great certainty that they weren’t singing about stormwater management projects!

Stormwater refers to water which flows into drains from a myriad of surfaces such as roadways and parking lots as a result of storms. Unlike the water from toilets and sinks within our homes and businesses, stormwater is not treated at a wastewater treatment facility. Instead, this water flows directly into local waterways whereby pollutants of any form – including pesticides, fertilizers, and oils – enter them completely unabated.

As a result, engineering firms and construction companies have undertaken the task of creating stormwater management projects meant to absorb, contain, and filter this water rather than have it do harm. Examples include retention basins and detention ponds, both of which allow stormwater to slowly absorb into the ground, filtering pollutants in the process.

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