Did you know that cities can improve the efficiency of their energy, transportation, and utilities services; reduce consumption, waste, and other costs; and enhance the quality of life of their residents with one single premise?

It’s true.

US cities that incorporate information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve citizen well-being, enhance sustainability, and boost economic development can become designated smart cities.

Here are a few ways that smart cities will evolve in 2019:


AT&T, one of the largest telcos in the US, is no stranger to smart technology and its President of IoT Solutions, Chris Penrose, is already predicting the changes ahead. He estimates that network technology will engage people like never before, encouraging them to become more responsible citizens. By paying their utility bills on time, making an effort to recycle, and using public transportation, individuals could earn ‘points’ to redeem for discounts or event passes. Through gamification, the entire city can benefit and improve the quality of life of all of its residents.

5G Implementation

Now that our lives are becoming increasingly connected, from our phones to our homes and soon our cars too, we have more data than ever. In order to share it, though, we need more bandwidth and the technology to make it happen. That’s where 5G comes in, according to Verizon. With it, cities will see improvements in public safety, transit, utilities, public Wi-Fi, and emergency preparedness. Who knew 5G could improve our morning commutes?

Energy Efficient Buildings

It’s no surprise that smart cities would host energy efficient buildings, and changes in technology and construction techniques are making it easier than ever to build them. Eco-friendly HVAC systems, efficient lighting, and improved insulation are all trends that are paving the way for smart cities in 2019.We can’t wait to see how smart cities help us reduce our carbon footprint and work towards net-zero energy buildings in 2019.

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